A Deadly Calling

A struggling taxi driver has become enmeshed in Galway’s criminal underbelly…

Galway, Ireland, 2009

World-weary and struggling to earn a living, taxi driver Ben Miller has resorted to occasional criminal activity to help make ends meet.

In order to keep his freedom, Miller also acts as a snitch for Superintendent Folan, a corrupt police officer who is involved in a sex-trafficking ring.

Things take a turn for the worse when someone starts murdering the trafficked women.

Furious at the loss of his profits and desperate to keep his activities out of the public eye, Folan enlists Miller to help track down the killer.

But when Miller decides to aid one of the women in her escape from Folan’s brothel, he soon finds himself running for his life…

Who is behind the women’s murders? Can Miller escape from Folan’s web of corruption?

And can he catch the killer before they catch up with him…?

Back Street Murder

Miller is caught up in a deadly drug war…

Galway, Ireland, 2009

When Galway taxi driver Ben Miller picks up a couple of Lithuanian fares, he soon finds himself immersed in the violent world of drug-dealing.

With a criminal past of his own, and a wish to stay out of prison, Miller has little choice but to snitch on the gang to corrupt cop Superintendent Folan, who has plans to take over the drugs business for himself.

But when the drugs go missing from the Lithuanian’s home, and the Columbians to whom they belong start killing people, Miller is drawn into a case involving rival criminal gangs, shoot-outs, and murder.

In a race against time to locate the Columbian gang members and the missing drugs, Miller must work out who he can trust…

But just who is double-crossing who? Can Miller survive long enough to find out?

And can he find a way to bring down Folan before the Superintendent takes him out…?

Find the Killer

Miller discovers that family secrets can kill…

When somebody takes a shot at Superintendent Folan, killing his driver instead, the amoral cop reveals to his reluctant lackey Ben Miller that the shooter is his illegitimate son, Ritchie Moran, the result of a youthful liaison with the wife of Mossy Moran, Galway’s most notorious gangster.

Folan tasks Miller with tracking Ritchie down and getting him out of the way before he, or anyone else, gets hurt.

But Miller soon finds out that a young woman connected to Ritchie has already been killed.

Things are complicated further when Miller and his friend, Gárda Aaron Dempsey, find themselves in the middle of a deadly feud between two rival Traveller clans.

Can Miller and Dempsey catch the killer? Is Ritchie’s disappearance connected to the Traveller feud?

And who will come out on top as the face-off between Miller and Folan escalates?

City of Death

Miller finds himself once again caught up in gang warfare…

Galway, Ireland, 2010

When taxi driver and part-time private investigator Ben Miller finds his friend Meili brutally murdered, he and her friend Qiang go in search of her killer.

Miller soon enlists the help of his friend, Gárda Aaron Dempsey and they find themselves caught up in a war between rival Chinese triads, seeking to wrest control of the city’s illegal gambling activities from Superintendent Folan and his allies.

They all become involved in a hunt for a diary in which Meili has been keeping details of the activities of the clients’ who pay her for sex, possession of which will give whoever finds it the tools they need to protect themselves at the expense of their rivals.

Matters are complicated by the presence of three men claiming to be either Meili’s current or ex-husband.

When one of them is involved in trafficking Meili’s daughter from China into the sex-industry in Ireland, rescuing her becomes the priority…